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Coronavirus Updates

COVID restriction changes March 2022

Update: given a recent update from the first minister these changes will now be delayed for up to 2 weeks. The decision was taken by the government due to a rise in cases and hospital admission in Scotland. This is why we feel it appropriate that we also delay our changes to help curb the rise in cases and hope this delay…

Church seating

Church COVID precautions January 2022

Friends,  A few weeks back we made some cautious and appropriate changes to our procedures at church. Given the recent changes to COVID guidance across Scotland, the Elders feel it appropriate to make a further precaution in order to keep everyone safe and confidence high for attending in person at Westwoodhill.  Therefore as can be…

Sensible steps for our health & welfare while in church

Friends, Apologies for the length of this note, but please stick with it and read on….. You will be very much aware of the recent advice from the Scottish Government regarding the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 mainly affecting some business premises and other venues. No specific instructions have, as yet, been given regarding Places of Worship other than to…

Church seating layout

Back to Church Invitation

Friends,We have so much to give the Lord our God thanks for over many years at Westwoodhill. After the recent announcement from the Scottish government we have reached a point where we can make progress and move towards a more normal church life while maintaining a safe system for everyone who joins us. We are…

Sunday morning Services

Thank you for help with the booking system over the past few weeks, it has proved valuable in our task to control numbers and comply with Covid restrictions. We are however, pleased to advise we now feel able dispense with this system and encourage you just to come to church. We have sufficient accommodation to…

Coronavirus Update 21st November


You will be well aware that we have, for at least the next 3-weeks, now moved into Level 4 restrictive measures which will affect many aspects of our day-to-day lives. It will come as no surprise therefore that physical attendance at church on a Sunday morning by some groups to enjoy the Service and thereafter a short time of Communion, can no longer continue. We will advise the church as and when we feel able to reconvene in this way.

Nevertheless, our Praise Group and Technical Team are, due to their limited numbers, still able to broadcast the Service. So, we still encourage all to make best use of the Church’s online facility for the Sunday morning Services at 11.00am and again to join in on Sunday nights at 6.30pm via the Zoom link.

Coronavirus Update 17th March


You will be aware that the Elders felt it necessary to introduce some practices and protective measures when the church met Sunday past. We have of course been closely monitoring the Government’s announcements and have gauged opinion from other Christian sources as to what further steps should be taken.

The Elders met again this evening and have unanimously agreed that the church at Westwoodhill has a clear obligation to follow the scientific and medical advice for the protection of our church family and of our community at large.

It is therefore with heavy hearts that we share the following new measures to be introduced for the foreseeable future but to be reviewed in 4-weeks’ time –

  1. House Groups can no longer meet – however, we would encourage you to continue privately with the material and be blessed as you study and meditate on God’s Word.
  2. Sunday morning and Sunday evening Services will not continue meantime. However, we plan to make use of recorded or live streaming of our Sermons and again benefit and be blessed though the Preaching of God’s Word. We are hopeful of having this in place for Sunday coming, guidance on this will be shared with the church before Sunday.
  3. Activity Groups meeting in the church building cannot now continue.
  4. There is no doubt what has come upon our lives, our Fellowship, our Nation, our World is overwhelming and can indeed be the cause of much worry and anxiety. The Elders are now working on plans to ensure as best we can, that Pastoral care and support one for the other continues. We call upon the whole fellowship to play your part and be prepared to show a care, compassion and love for one another prayerfully and practically. We will update you on this matter in due course.
  5. Overarching all of this, we will continue to Pray, casting ourselves on our loving Heavenly Father who promises His peace in times of trouble.
  6. Let us not neglect our obligations to pray for those in authority over us and who carry the weight of responsibility as they determine and make decisions for our nation, may they seek God’s guidance and wisdom in all these matters. Also, for our NHS, Medical, Caring and Emergency Services and all who work tirelessly for the health and welfare of our Communities.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,
The Elders.