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Pray for Ukraine

We watch each day with growing concern and disbelief at the unfolding events in Ukraine. The news coverage shocks us to the core and causes us to despair as we witness the ongoing devastation and utter disregard for the lives of the men, women, children and babies.

Many found great value Wednesday past when we met for prayer. We are indeed called to pray for those in need, for the vulnerable, for the helpless that relief might come, that they would know peace and broken lives may be healed and rebuilt.

The church’s recent gift through Echoes International is one small practical way to help however, however, we know the church feels the urge and believes there is great value in coming together to pray. Consequently, we invite all who are able, to meet at 5.45pm prior to the next few Sunday evening Services knowing we will join with many churches around the UK and beyond calling upon our Heavenly Father to bring an end to the suffering and pour in his peace and comfort. We are pleased Kevan Leckie will again open and lead us next Sunday night.

Some will also know of the initiative to allocate a time for prayer to countries around the world.
This invites Christian believers to stop for 1 minute to reflect and pray to God for his gracious hand to be brought upon the land of Ukraine. For us in the UK we are invited to mark 3.00pm each day as such a moment reminiscent of the call to prayer by an earlier generation during a previous world conflict and threat to our nation.

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,and his ears are open to their cry for help.

Psalm 34 v15

The Elders