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Coming to Westwoodhill on 16th May from Searchlight Theatre Company.

Titanic – the last hero and the last coward

…is Searchlight’s take on the story of not just the sinking of the Titanic but the events and relationship of two men whose actions had significant impact on many people during and after the tragic events of April 15th, 1912. John Harper and Joseph Ismay. Passengers on the Titanic. A church minister and an executive of the White Star Line. One a hero, one a coward. Both have a story to tell.


That ill-fated crossing generated many tales of heroism and in amongst them, one or two more questionable endeavours. First-class and third-class passengers seldom came eye to eye, but as the ship slowly sunk and the panic for a lifeboat space began, these two men were cast together in a devastating drama.

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“A heartfelt and moving tribute to the heroism of the common man, and that the heart of even the richest men can be opened and brought into the light”

★★★★ – British Theatre Guide

“I can hardly pay the author a higher compliment. My penultimate show at Fringe 2023 was an unexpected gem”

★★★★ – Plays International

This is a powerful presentation that addresses issues of life and death, earthly wealth and eternal destiny.