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One life. What’s it all about?

Two questions! ‘My life. What’s it all about?’ and ‘Jesus’ life. What’s it all about?’ Big questions with big answers. On the Christianity Explored course we try to help you to find the answers to these questions.

Christianity explored is a 7 week course based upon Mark’s Gospel which is the shortest of the four biographies of Jesus’ life. We aim to explore Marks gospel, chat through some questions, and we watch some stimulating video’s to help us think about the implications for our lives. And there’s plenty of coffee to keep us going!

We’ve been running this course for many years at Westwoodhill and have a well established team of leaders, who really enjoy spending time going through Mark’s gospel with people and helping find the answers to important life questions.

So please come and join us on a course or invite someone along to a life changing experience. If you are looking for more information visit

Want to learn more about Jesus and Christianity?

Make friends? Enjoy good food?

Then come along to our next Christianity Explored Course!

Our next Christianity Explored course is about to start. It’s a great opportunity to come along to learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith. The course is very informal, friendly and at times a little challenging. We start with a communal meal and then break into small discussion groups to read through the Gospel of Mark together. Through it we get to explore the life of Jesus together, discuss the good news of his teachings and how it’s still relevant today. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a church member or a Christian

The course starts in Westwoodhill Evangelical Church on Tuesday 1st October and runs every Tuesday night for seven weeks. Dinner starts at 18.30 and groups start at 19.30, usually finished by 21.00(ish)

The discussion topics each week are:

  1. Good News
  2. Identity
  3. Sin
  4. The Cross
  5. Resurrection
  6. Grace
  7. Come and Die


If you’d like more information about the course please look at:

Ladies @ Christianity Explored

From time to time we have a Christianity Explored course specifically for ladies. Watch this space for details of the next one!

Comments from Ladies who previously attended the course at Westwoodhill.

What made you want to do the course?

Rhona ..”I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more from God’s Word, grow in my faith and get to know more people who go along to the church.. I was not disappointed!”

 Lynsey  “I wanted to do the course to learn and further my knowledge of the Gospel. Others had told me about their experiences and I wanted to discover that too”

How has the course benefited you?

Lynsey   “I have benefited on many levels. Firstly I have found my faith again as a Christian, I was able to relate to and understand the Gospel. It has helped me with personal issues and situations I am facing. I also met new people and new friends”

What would encourage others to join the course?

 Rhona ” I would say if you are lost, hurting doubting or have a void in your life then Jesus can and will help you…this course  will give hope to those who need Jesus and the truth of the Gospel.If you are already a Christian but have become distracted and disconnected from God, CE can help you to reaffirm your commitment to Christ. if you are a Christian willing to help and encourage others we would love you to come too”
 Brenda “If you don’t know much about God and the bible then this course is for you.  Equally if you are a Christian and want to learn more about Christianity then this is also for you.  The course gives opportunities for you to participate if you want to in discussing the short bible reading and to ask any questions you have.  However there’s no pressure to contribute, you can just sit and listen if you want.  Its a very relaxed and informal course.  Each question, no matter how simple would never be considered silly or unimportant, there’s complete freedom to just say what’s on your mind and that’s how we all learn.   There’s perhaps an opportunity too for Christians to share their knowledge which might encourage non believers.  Its great, its eye opening, you’ll be amazed at how the bible is relevant today and discover how God is interested in you personally.  I would say if you’re slightly interested and perhaps a tiny bit curious about the course then come along, you’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain.  As a bonus you’ll meet new friends and by the end of the 7 weeks you’ll wish the course was longer and won’t want it to finish.”