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Polar Explorers Holiday Club

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This coming July we go on a new adventure to Antarctica, the South Pole. Join with Sir Random Finds and Barefeet as the journey to the south pole.
Come and join us to hear the adventures in the bible, hearing the stories, singing songs, make crafts and play games together as we explorer together

When is the club ? 15th July to 19th (including a Sunday morning service on the 23nd)
What time does it run ? Every evening from 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Who is the club for ? The club is for all children starting primary 1 to primary 7.
What happens at the holiday club ? Westwoodhill holiday clubs are a place where fun packed activities (games, songs, stories, crafts, quizzes, dramas) are brought together to have fun and explore the stories of the bible.
Does it cost ? No its absolutely free.